How to Find Astrology Widgets for Your Blog

January 5, 2010

What is an astrology blog without bling? Although content is king, the widgets in your sidebar are often what give your blog its personality. (Or at the very least, toys with which your readers can twiddle if they’re bored by your articles.)

Fortunately, there’s doodads galore on the web. And to save you the time of looking for them yourself, I’ve provided a handy resource below:

  • Astro.com has two handy widgets. The first one features the current position of all the planets, plus Chiron and the North Node. The second one features birthdays for VIPs featured in Astro-DataBank.
  • WidgetBox has 200+ astrology widgets. More often than not, you’ll find Sun sign horoscopes, identity badges (“I’m an Aquarius!”), or blidgets, which list the most recent posts from a blog. Sites like FreeHoroscopesAstrology, iFate, and (if I may be self-serving) Sasstrology use Widgetbox widgets.
  • SpringWidgets also serves about 20+ astrology widgets. AstroDispatch, the popular astrology blog aggregator curated by Elsa, uses this platform to feature the latest posts in the astroblogosphere. If you go to the AstroDispatch sidebar, you can grab the code to feature the widget on your own blog.
  • Widgipedia has a paltry 7 astrology widgets, few of which seem to offer any value.
  • Widgia features a horoscopes widget and a Chinese Horoscope clock.
  • Google has tons of gadgets, which are mostly intended for the personalized iGoogle home page. However, if you scroll down to “For webmasters” on the right, you can click on “Embed this gadget” and grab code to add to your blog sidebar. You can change the dimensions to make it fit just right.

Although this list is pretty exhaustive, I’m sure I’m missing a few sites. Please share what you’ve found in the comments section. And remember: don’t go crazy with the bling! One or two widgets is tasteful, more than that and you’ll slow down your site – and your blog will start looking like a MySpace page.

And you don’t want that.


kishnerpixAbout the Author

Jeffrey Kishner is editor/publisher of Sasstrology. He is also a regular contributor at AOL Horoscopes. Jeffrey is available for professional consultations regarding WordPress blogs and social media optimization. You can contact him at jeffreykishner@gmail.com.

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  2. Your article is a great resource Jeffrey. Another widget which is fun though not really astrological is http://www.slide.com/ which we use for Marina’s artwork. Great because it moves and livens up the page.

  3. This is a pretty wicked widget, alright.

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